About Us

We ExcelTest Monitor & Control was established since year 2003. Company was establish to provide Excellent “COST EFFECTIVE - USER FRIENDLY” “EASY MAINTENANCE – DIY CONCEPT” Test, Monitor, Control & Alarming Solution.

Mission & Vision

To Offer “COST EFFECTIVE - USER FRIENDLY” “EASY MAINTENANCE – DO IT YOURSELF” Test-Monitoring-Control-Alarming Solutions.

To Optimized Your Products Quality, Operation Efficiency & Cost and Performance Through Latest Technology.

What We Do

We offer wide range of systems solutions, includes 24/7 Environmental Parameter Test, Monitoring, Datalogger Recording, Alarming Solution for Cold-chain, Freezer, Refrigerator, Incubator, Clean Room, Utilities, Data Room, Process Monitoring and etc.

Our solutions also designed to meet current Industries needs to complied ISO, HACCP, 21CFR Part 11, Cold-Chain Audit, NIOSH, DOSH, DOE, GLP, GMP, Preventive & Predictive Maintenance and etc requirements. We also offering wide products solution includes "DIY SOLUTION" like datalogger that could be best fit to your quality control, manufacturing process, storage & transportation, utilities supply, waste water treatment, quality, performance monitoring, data logger, tobacco cigarette smoke monitoring & control solution and etc.

Our Customer

Current Services Customers from Food Industries, Warehouses & Freight Logistics, Transportation, HVAC, Oil & Gas Industries, Chemical Industries, Semiconductor Industries, Utilities, Hospitals, Universities & Testing Lab.


⦁ Environmental & Process Parameter Monitoring Control Solutions Supplies
⦁ COLD-CHAIN Monitoring, Control & Email/SMS Alarming Solutions
⦁ Data Acquisition System (Small, Compact, Standalone & PC based) Solutions Supplies
⦁ Indoor Environment Quality (IEQ) Monitoring System Solution
⦁ Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Monitoring System Solution 
⦁ Multi-Gas Detector & Monitoring Solutions
⦁ Tobacco Smoke detector & Control system 
⦁ Semiconductor & Clean Room Supplies
⦁ Scientific Equipments & Instruments Supplies
⦁ Laboratory & Medical Apparatus, Glass/Plastic ware & Supplies
⦁ Analytical, Test & Measurement Instruments Supplies
⦁ Cleaning & Sterilization Equipments Supplies
⦁ Safety & Protective Apparatus & Supplies


⦁ Fixtures, Storage & Carrying Equipments Supplies
⦁ BioTechnology Related Supplies
⦁ Laser & Fiber Optics Equipment/Components Supplies
⦁ Food Technology Analytical Instruments
⦁ Testing & Calibrations Services
⦁ Temperature & Humidity Mapping Services
⦁ Concrete Monitoring System & Services
⦁ Green Building Index (GBI)’s IEQ & U-Value Assessment & Testing Services
⦁ Data logger Rental Services
⦁ Environmental Quality Mapping Services
⦁ Flexitank & Drybeg Supplies
⦁ Indoor Air Cleaning Solutions
⦁ PV Solar Monitoring System Solution